Marriage is a journey that starts long before a wedding.But the wedding is an important maker and day of celebration.
Your choice to become married signals to the world that you are a permanent couple.
It is also a chance to celebrate your individual personalities and strengths as a unit.
It would be my honour to be part of that celebration.
My wife and I were married last century on a sunny Wellington day. Since then I have spent many, many, years assisting with other people’s weddings as a caterer, driver, best man, and general dog’s body.
In 2017 I took the next step and started legally officiating weddings.
Together we develop the theme of your day, craft words that meet your tastes, and build a ceremony based on your personalities and shared desires.

Remember it's



The New Mr. and Mrs. Palmer 

Marton Harvest Festival 

2019 Elope to Marton Winners 

Formal Chris 


A lovely couple that used my services as a driver and my car.

One of the first same sex marriages in New Zealand

No Chris here just the car

The Reiri-Dobson Backyard Wedding


Chris The Dude

Take a look at some of my past weddings 

The lovely 

Mr. and Mrs. Fitness 

Palmerston North 

Rose Garden's 

Petrol head Chris 

The soon to be
Mr. and Mrs Reu

Fielding Rose Garden

Less Formal Chris

Mr. and Mrs. Glasgow

Wharerata (2019) 

 Classic Chris

"Be EXCELLENT to each other" 

Bill and Ted


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My wife's outdoor sewing machine table used here for the official paperwork along with two of my many themed pens. 

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